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About us

Dror Dayan

VP, Visitor C

Dror's father, Refael Dayan, started his agricultural career at the age of 14 when he left home for the agricultural boarding school in Kfar Hayarok, where he managed the agricultural farm of the entire school. In the 1980s he moved to the Arava area as an agricultural guide at the Ministry of Agriculture and was the funder of the research and development station in Hatzeva. On 2000 he founded the company "Green 2000", which owns Organi Green Farm.

Dror Dayan, who inherited the passion for agriculture from his father, worked at the Organi Green farm since the first days of the farm, planted and took part in establishing the farm.
Dror has a B.Sc in Industrial engineering and management and an International MBA from Bar Ilan university. Dror is married  to Reut and a father of two, is very connected to the organic and healthy world and has set himself the goal of developing Organi Green farm as a touristic farm that combines fun tours with being the meeting place for companies and organizations as well as an educational farm for the next generation.

Organic Green Farm

The professional staff

Gideon Meir - Farm Manager. Handles all aspects of management, operation, production and maintenance of the farm.

Uri Ben Bassat - Chief Agronomist. Responsible for all growing programs (planting, fertilizing, irrigation), biological pest control and organic control on the farm.

Amer Amarna - Operation Manager. Manages five workers who studied agriculture in their home countries in Africa and came to Israel for a year of internship, which includes theoretical studies and practical work at Organi Green farm.

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The organic store

The store staff

Kobi Ashkenazi

Store Manager, with over two decades in the world of customer experience and service. Makes every effort to give added value to the store's customers, with a smile and a good feeling.

Omer Rittermann

Lives, breathes and eats according to organic principles.

Addicted to a nutritious, attentive and healthy lifestyle for body and mind.

Works in the organic store at Organi Green farm and is responsible for the line of salads, hummus and spreads based on the farm's produce.

Graduated in nutritional medicine studies and a student in emotional eating studies at the Rambam Medicine Center.

Dana Guetta
Responsible for the farm's social media.

Believes in an organic and sustainable lifestyle.
Has a bachelor's degree in sociology and education.

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