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The organic store

Our store

An organic store in Emek Hafer

Visitors of Organi Green farm are welcome to its organic store where they can taste and buy the products produced by the farm, such as the organic fruits and vegetables and the fish grown on the farm. In addition to these, in the store you can find a rich variety of quality organic products for natural and organic food fans.


Complete health food store

The organic store of "Organi Green" reflects the agricultural activity that takes place on the farm and you can observe the crops that are purchased in the store in the greenhouse adjacent to the store.
The store is a complete natural store, includes food categories such as legumes, vitamins, nutritional and sports supplements, meat substitutes, nuts and dried fruits, coffee substitutes, whole wheat pastas, goat cheeses, milk substitutes, frozen fruits for smoothies, natural toiletries, ecological cleaning materials, a variety of vegan products - dry, chilled and frozen and a whole class of gluten-free products.
The great advantage of purchasing in the store is that the farm products are marketed in the store directly and without intermediaries, a fact that allows customers to purchase fresher and healthier goods at particularly attractive prices.

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