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Our farm

Organi Green Farm

Organi Green farm stands as an impressive and groundbreaking pioneering agricultural-tourism venture, incorporating a diverse range of advanced agricultural practices within its premises. it involves various activities, including the cultivation of agricultural products such as vegetables, 30 different fruit trees species, a vineyard of organic grapes, goat shelter, free-range layer coop and fishery.
Organi Green farm, which covers an area of about 40 dunams and includes an organic store alongside the farm, was established in 2015 by "Green 2000" company, one of the oldest and most experienced Israeli companies involved in the planning, construction and management of agricultural projects in the world.
"Green 2000" is also engaged in the import, marketing and distribution of various inputs for farmers and nurseries in Israel.
The idea behind the establishment of Organi Green farm was a display farm and a demonstration of the capabilities of "Green 2000" company in the world in agricultural projects.
In recent years, the farm has been visited by tens of thousands of visitors from Israel and the world, including groups of a wide age range, from adults to teenagers. 
In fact, the farm is the first stop for foreign heads of state who wish to learn more about Israeli agriculture at its best. Among others, the farm was visited by presidents and heads of state, mainly from African and Pacific countries such as the Prime Minister of Samoa, the President of Zambia, the President of Sierra Leone, the President of Liberia and more.


Visitors center

Organi Green farm includes a conference center suitable for company events, seminars, workshops like cooking workshops, training days, etc. At the conference center, we offer the ability to organize tailor-made events for various purposes such as toasts, 'off site' days for high-tech companies and a wide range of content formats such as workshops like cooking workshops, lectures and more.
The conference center is located inside a greenhouse with an air-conditioned wooden design hall overlooking through a glass window to the beautiful greenhouse. The conference center also includes a spacious open area with olive trees and green lawn.


Our organic store

Organi Green farm also includes an organic store, which prides itself on the high quality of the farm products sold there, and not only that.
The store's customers enjoy vegetable produce, dairy products and other organic products - supplied "from the farm to the plate", without any intermediary gaps and at surprising prices for the benefit of the customers.

Organi Green Farm

The farm is a must-see point on any tour and trip passing by in the Hefer Valley area.
Tours of all types of groups, such as groups of students of all ages, groups of retirees, tours on behalf of Taglit and more, all benefit from combining a visit to the farm in their trip planning.
The farm offers experiential and fascinating tours that include content on Zionism and agriculture in the land of Israel, learning about organic agriculture, with an emphasis on a green environment and preserving the earth, and more.

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