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Company events

Company events at the farm

Customized company events

Interested in organizing a company event? Looking for an idea for a slightly more special off-site day?
Get to know Organi Green farm. An agricultural farm specializing in organic growing processes - a unique and pastoral place where you can hold the perfect company event in a rural atmosphere and discover a fascinating organic world that you have not yet known.
The farm is located at the heart of the Sharon orchard fields, in the Hefer Valley, combines a variety of greenhouses and open fields, livestock farming and a fishery.
Our event management team is dedicated to "tailoring" your company event program in a customized manner that precisely aligns with your specific needs and preferences.


A company event in an extraordinary atmosphere

At Organi Green farm, you can hold company events for any purpose, such as meetings outside the office, training days for employees, lectures, workshops like cooking workshops, guided tours and a variety of other out-of-the-office activities. 
The company events are held in a unique location - a wide hall equipped with audio-visual systems, located in the front of the breathtaking view of a large and inspiring greenhouse of the farm. 
The event hall is actually located inside the huge greenhouse and is separated from it by a glass wall that allows a spectacular view of the various crops. 
In addition to the large central greenhouse, you can enjoy tours of the fishery, the free-range poultry layers house, the various orchards, the boutique dairy and get to know the herd of goats. 
The spacious area of the farm and the variety of accommodation areas allow flexible planning of activities, by just renting the space or combining it with other farm activities available.

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