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Farm tourism

Tourism at Organi Green Farm

Fun and fascinating tours at the farm

Organic agriculture is thriving today more than ever, and Israel stands out as one of the leading countries in developing agricultural technologies, fishery, dairy farming, and drip irrigation techniques. This reality enables enhanced efficiency, sustainability, and a flourishing entrepreneurial spirit that resonates throughout the organic agriculture sector.
The developing organic agriculture includes innovative and intriguing technologies and attracts agricultural tourism. 
We provide agricultural tours, hosting agricultural delegations, and conducting expert lectures focusing on agriculture, drip irrigation, and all aspects related to organic cultivation of vegetables and fruits using cutting-edge global methods. You will be amazed to explore innovative techniques employed in organic agriculture.

Organi Green - an organic agricultural farm in Emek Hefer

Organi Green is a sustainable agricultural center based on organic farming, located in the Hefer Valley in the Sharon area, and offers agricultural tours.
The farm is located just off the coastal road, the farm is fully accessible to individuals with disabilities and contains enough parking space for cars and buses as well.
The farm spreads over about 40 dunams, where we grow under sheltered structures (a greenhouse and a net house), open field and a variety of unique fruits, all 100% organic.
The farm has livestock that includes an organic free-range layers coop, an a goat sheltered and dairy farm. Moreover there is a fresh water Bass fishery.

Tours for groups in an agricultural farm - a unique experience

The transition to tourism in the field of agriculture enables the continuation of agricultural activity for all those involved in the field, being seasonal and focused on a target audience that is interested in the symbiosis between the village, agriculture and the environment.
Agricultural tourism is one of the types of tourism in the village - this is a type that is mainly based on the agricultural activity itself.
Among the tours offered to groups in the field of agricultural tourism are field tours, experiences in the farm, livestock, vineyard and sale of agricultural produce from the farm itself in the farm's outlet shop.  Farm tours meet the requirements of both parties, both for farmers whose goal is to continue to maintain the farms, and also the tourists, business and private companies, who wish to learn and receive more extensive information about the agricultural world, the production and maintenance of farms and the growing of the organic food we consume.

Farming tours at Organi Green

The tourist complex of Organi Green includes all areas of the farm, combining tours with introductions of the various types, workshops like cooking workshops, and sale of the farm's products. In addition to the agricultural farm, the goat and chicken coop, we have established a tourism center for sustainable agriculture where we offer seminars, lectures and trainings for groups and for the general public.

Practical workshops in agriculture 

Customized company events

Visitors of the farm enjoy a number of attractions, including
an educational tour that includes working experience in the various activities of the farm such as the flora and fauna and a visit to the production and processing sites, an explanation of the gray water system and the home biogas production system,
a visit to a fish farm and an introduction to the breeding process of the fish at all stages of their life cycle,
a tour at the free-range organic chicken coop, explanation of the organic farming and feeding method,
a tour at the dairy farm, an introduction and study of the advanced milking technologies in the field and more.
The farm also offers a lecture on the advantages of sustainable agriculture, learning to apply some of the recycling and gardening methods and the integration of practical knowledge at home.
Our target is to broaden the knowledge and affinity of the general public to the field of rural agriculture.

Organi Green - an organic store in Emek Hefer

At the end of the tour or during it, visitors have access to an organic shop where they can sample and purchase farm-produced goods such as organic bass fish, fruits, and vegetables. Additionally, the store offers a wide range of high-quality organic products for enthusiasts of natural and organic foods.
It is important to note that the great advantage of purchasing in the store is that the farm products are marketed in the store directly and without intermediaries, a fact that allows us to offer fresher and healthier goods and of course at particularly attractive prices.
We invite you to visit us at Organi Green and enjoy Israeli organic farming at its best. Come find out how greenhouses work, what are the sowing and germination processes in the nursery, ponds for growing fish, an organic and free-range chicken coop, a goat dairy and a variety of other fascinating processes that take place on the agricultural farm.

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